Q: How many contacts will I receive? / How many profiles will you provide during my membership tenure?

A: The number of contacts depends on your partner preference. If you broaden your criteria you will get a higher number of contacts.

Q: How many times in a week will my Marriage Consultant call me?

A: Your Consultant will call you once in a week to update you on the new profiles. You can also get in touch with your Consultant by email / phone if you have any query.

Q: Do you guarantee that I will get a partner if I take membership?

A: BestMuslimMatches.com is a service that makes the partner search easy for you. A dedicated Consultant, expert in matchmaking, will drive your partner search process from beginning till the end. He/She will help you in enhancing your profile; search and shortlist the profiles and send expression of interest. However, finding the perfect match during the membership period depends upon your preferences and acceptance. We can advise you, but cannot guarantee that you would find your match through this service.

Q: Can I create a profile on behalf of someone else?

A: Yes, you can. You have the option to select who the profile is for while creating the profile.

Q: What information isn’t allowed in my profile?

A: You can include any information in your profile, except for the following:

  • Content that contains email addresses, web links or advertisements.
  • Meaningless content, HTML code, or tags.
  • Any copyrighted content that you don’t have permission to use
  • Content that is not in the sites primary language of English.
  • Content that discriminates against any race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, beliefs or any other preference.
  • Content that is inappropriate for our site; adult, unlawful or un-Islamic.
  • Content that breaches our Terms and Conditions.
  • BestMuslimMatches.com would recommend members not use negative statements, within their profiles, when making reference to people from other cultural / social / ethnic backgrounds. Any content that we find inappropriate or socially discriminating may be removed without notice, or your profile may be removed from the site.

Q: When will my profile be approved?

A: Approximately within 24 – 48 hours.

Q: How can my Photos be safe on BestMuslimMatches.com?

A: Whatever public photos you provide will be visible to others. For private photos, a request will be sent to you. If you approve the request, only then they will be visible to other person.

Q: What are the benefits of paid membership?

A: As a paid member, you will get a dedicated Marriage Consultant who will do all the searching on your behalf. He/She will be arranging meeting as well with your approved profile. Free members will not have these services. However, their profile will be available in our database and will appear in Marriage Consultants’ search in case they match anyone’s criteria.